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Board of Review May 15, 2023

Roadwork Quorum May 3, 2023

American Rescue Plan Act Well Compensation and Well Abandonment Grants

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All Towns in Wisconsin are mandated by the state to provide emergency medical services to the residents of their municipality per Wisconsin Statute - Functions and Government of Municipalities - Chapter 60 Towns- Subchapter VII Public Works and Public Safety – Section 60.565 Ambulance Service.

This service has been provided to you through the dedicated Volunteers/Staff for Birnamwood Area Emergency Services (BAES), who have maned our ambulance service in the past. BAES has been experiencing staffing shortage issues for some time. Many have retired, moved out of area or have other jobs and/or responsibilities that now limit or prevent them from continuing as Volunteer/Staff EMT’s. Today’s environment lacks the importance of volunteering for our communities.

Members of the Towns, Villages and BAES boards and many of the current Volunteers/Staff attended a series of Special Meetings this summer addressing the staffing issues.

Birnamwood Area Emergency Services board includes members from:
   Villages of: Aniwa, Birnamwood, Eland and Mattoon
   Towns of: Aniwa, Birnamwood, Harrison, Hutchins, Norrie, Norwood and Plover

Available options to the Towns:
   1. Disband current service (BAES) and hire an outside service (i.e., Antigo or Weston)
       a. This would be one ½ times more expensive than option 2
       b. No/limited control over response time or quality of service
   2. Increase the Tax Levy
       a. Provide a fair wage to those who provide the services
       b. Will provide more opportunity to current Volunteers/Staff
       c. Will attract new Volunteers/Staff
       d. Staff 2 FTE’s 24/7
       e. Control over response times and quality of service
   3. No increase to Tax Levy
       a. Will need to reduce Highway Budget from $175,000 to $140,000 (approx.)
       b. Less monies for roadwork

The consortium has made the important decision to go with Option 2. The total cost of $262,800 is divided between the eleven members listed above. Town of Birnamwood’s share of this cost is $35,268 per year. Increase to residents is $39.61 per $100,000 assessed property value. (Assessed value $100,000 X .3961 ÷ 1,000 = $39.61)

How to fund Option 2 via Resolution process:
   1. 10/11/22 Special Town Board Meeting proposing Resolution 22-01 to exceed levy
   2. 10/27/22 Special Town Meeting of Electors proposing Resolution 22-02 to endorse Town Board’s Resolution 22- 01 to exceed the levy limit and adopt Resolution 22-03 Total Town Tax Levy

Recently, someone unloaded tires in the ditch on the east end of Shepley Road. It cost Town of Birnamwood $264 to dispose of the tires properly.
If anyone has any knowledge of the party that unloaded the tires, please contact one of the Board members.

Dave Brounacker 715-219-9700    Rick Lettau 715-881-1481      Kurt Olson, Jr 715-573-2048

Shawano County Permit Appointment Requirement

Town of Birnamwood ATV/UTV

At the May 14, 2019 Meeting, the Town Board passed Ordinance No.1-2019 for the purpose of designating all Town Roads open to ATV/UTV operation.  Operation shall be subject to all provisions of Wis. Stat. 23.33
Wis. Code Ch. NR 64
and the Shawano County ATV/UTV Ordinance. Currently being revised.  Most recent copy can be found at:  
Town of Birnamwood Ordinance 01-2019 

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