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Dog Licensing

Shawano County requires all dogs be vaccinated for rabies and licensed with the town. Licenses are for one year (expire December 31st) and must be renewed annually. The dog owner must take care of this responsibility each year by April 1st.

Per Town Board motion 02/14/2017, dog owners who fail to license their dog(s) by April 1st, will be subject to late fees of $25.00.  Treasurer will notify Shawano County Sheriff of any unlicensed dogs for appropriate fine. The Board has also designated a Dog Lister, who will verify all dogs are licensed with the town. 

All dogs 5 months and older must have a rabies vaccination by a veterinarian.
This is a state imposed law. See State Statute.

Please mail Certificate of Rabies Vaccination (a vaccination receipt is not sufficient) when applying for dog license by mail. A stamped, self-addressed #10 envelope must be included for me to return mail your certificate(s) and tag(s). If licensing more than 3 dogs, extra postage will be needed per ounce due to weight of dog tags. Certificate of rabies vaccination will be returned with dog license.

If you no longer have a dog that was licensed in the town last year, please notify the treasurer by mail or phone in order for us to remove from our records.

Notice to Landlords — please inform your renters with dogs to have them licensed by April 1st.

DOG FEES are: 
$5.00 — neutered male or spayed female dogs
$10.00 — unneutered or unspayed dogs

Multi Dog License — $35.00 for first 12 dogs and $3.00/per dog for dogs in excess of 12.

See Wisconsin State Statute about Dogs.