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Town Hall Rental

Contact Dennis Knaak, Town Clerk, 715-449-3212 to book rental date and arrange for key pick-up.

Rental Fee
Residents - $50.00
Non Residents - $75.00
Pay in advance to Town Clerk, payable to Town of Birnamwood.

Hall Rental Agreement

The Town of Birnamwood does not assume any liability on any groups or individuals attending the functions at the Town Hall.
The person(s) renting the Town Hall shall be responsible for conforming to the conditions set forth:

1. There is NO SMOKING in the Town Hall. If smoking occurs outside of the Hall, it is the responsibility of the Renter to appropriately clean the area, including any litter

1. Alcoholic beverages permitted in hall only with permission of Board Member or Town Clerk

2. Decoration-No thumbtacks or nails.  If tape is used, all evidence of the tape must be removed

3. Cleaning supplies are located in Store Room (across from Kitchen)

4. Return tables and chairs as you found them

5. Entrance, Hall, Kitchen and Restrooms must be cleaned

6. Mop floors after function is over

7. Verify Stove is off and no food is left in Refrigerator

8. Empty all waste baskets and take garbage with you

9. Thermostat set at 65 degrees in winter and 75 degrees in summer located by Kitchen light switches

10. Turn off all lights, ensure faucets are turned off and toilets flushed

11. Renter is responsible for any unreasonable damage and additional cleaning and will be billed for actual cost incurred by town

12. Leave the key on the Kitchen Counter. 


In case of an Emergency, call appropriate provider and a Board Member

Capacity of Town Hall is 130.