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Recycling & Garbage Information

Town of Birnamwood contracts with Harter's Fox Valley Disposal. Garbage collection goes to Marathon County Landfill and Recycling goes to Outagamie County Recycling Center.

Garbage Pickup

Garbage is collected weekly on Tuesday. Place your material out the night before or by 5:00 am on collection day.

Place all household garbage in plastic garbage bags. Place the bagged garbage in the wheeled cart provided to you. The carts are property of the garbage hauler.

Place the wheeled cart with the front of the lid facing the road and the wheels of the cart toward your house.

Keep your garbage cart 4 ft away from obstructions such as, recycling bins, mailboxes, utility poles, trees, parked cars and overhead obstructions.

Recycling Pickup

Recycling is collected every Tuesday. Place your material out the night before or by 5:00 am on collection day.

Place all recyclable material in a reusable bin. There is no need to separate paper from glass, aluminum, plastic or tin.

Do not place recyclables in plastic bags and do not place garbage in your recycling bin.

Reusable bins must not be over 33 gallons or weigh more than 50 pounds when set at the curb.

Flatten and cut cardboard to no larger than 2 ft x 2 ft.

Place shredded paper in a brown paper bag, stapled closed and placed in your cart.

Keep your reusable bin at least 4 ft away from your garbage container.  The best solution is to place your recycling and garbage on opposite sides of your driveway.

Large Items

Large items are collected every other Thursday of the month at the resident's expense. Residents must call Harter's at 715-253-2619 to get on the collection list and for pricing information.

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